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As an asylum seeker, you experience many new things. You are in a new country, with a culture you may not know - one with different customs and an unfamiliar language. The Dutch healthcare system may also be new for you. That is the reason for this website. To tell you who can help you in the Netherlands if you are sick or have a question about healthcare.

Healthcare for all asylum seekers in the Netherlands is arranged by the Asylum Seekers Health Centre (GC A). Read more about the GC A or read our Information Quality Report 2015(dutch version).

For medical questions, you can contact the GC A Practiceline 0 881 122 112 or contact one of the related family doctors or practice-nurses.

Video about GCA Practice line: button_play

Important: New telephonenumber interpreters: 020 – 820 28 92

Expenses made for interpreters will be paid for by the COA. All you need is your COA care number. Give this number to the doctor or medical specialist. 

Looking for a reception centre? Take a look at: www.coa.nl.

How are medical records protected? Click here  for more information.


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